Please do not come to the centre if you are feeling unwell. 

Antibody tests

To check whether you have developed antibodies to the virus in your blood from a past infection or exposure.
To see if you have already had COVID-19 and may perhaps have some immunity to it.

It is a blood test. You will have your blood taken by a healthcare professional: finger prick (or venous/phlebotomy) sample at our centre. We process your blood sample using a gold standard immunoassay auto-analyser manufactured by one of the world’s leading laboratory and diagnostics providers.

Our test comes from a South Korean biotech company called Boditech. You can find out more about them here.

Our tests come from a CE marked TUV certified manufacturer in South Korea called Boditech. Each sample that is taken is analysed using high sensitivity Automated Immune Fluorescence Assay diagnostic machines to provide more accurate results and give you the level of antibodies found in your blood sample.

PCR tests

This test is for the presence of the virus on swabs. It does not test blood.

A PCR test looks for the presence of the RNA of the virus itself. This means that it will pick up the presence of the actual virus in the nose and throat. It is 100% accurate and will be able to confirm whether anyone with symptoms has the virus.

The COVID-19 PCR test is a mouth and nose swab which tests for the active virus – if this is positive then you are infectious to other people and can spread the infection to those around you.

Yes. Our results are recognized for travel purposes.

Yes. Book a slot on our website.  You can either come to our centre in Mayfair/Bristol or ask us to send a medical courier to you. A courier will wait while you take the test. Your test will be at the laboratory the same day and you will receive the results the next day- guaranteed.

Taking the test

Please don’t come to our centre if you have a fever, dry cough, mild breathing difficulty, diarrhoea or general aches.
If you’re presenting any of these symptoms please do not book a test, or if they appear before your test is scheduled please contact us at least 24 hours before your test and we will reschedule you free of charge.

  • Please arrive on time and no earlier than 10 mins before your scheduled appointment time. This will help us stay in line with the government’s social distancing guidelines.
  • We will ask you to pay using your CREDIT/DEBIT card (sorry NO CASH ACCEPTED)
  • When you arrive you will have your temperature taken, anyone with a temperature over 38 degrees will be asked to go home immediately and self isolate.
  • Please also come wearing appropriate PPE like a face mask, glasses and gloves and bring your ID with you.
  • The test is done by taking a finger-prick blood sample from you, very similar to the way a diabetic tests themselves for blood sugar levels. Your finger will be cleaned with an antibacterial alcohol wipe first, and then we will prick the finger using a lancet. You will feel a little pinch and then the nurse will be able to take the blood sample for testing.

If you are running late we will try and accommodate you on the same day, but if this isn’t possible you will have to reschedule and we will charge a £50 rescheduling fee.

Antibody sample will be tested on in vitro diagnostic medical device. We will mix the blood sample with diluent and then add it onto a cassette which is put into the high sensitivity Automated Immune Fluorescence Assay machine. The machine will then analyse the sample on the cassette and provide a result.

PCR swab will be tested on a PHE approved analyzer in one of our partner, London based medical laboratories.

Getting the results

We will send you an email with a certificate of your test results on the same day. Usually 6-7hrs after taking your blood sample.

You will receive your results by 18:00 the next day- guaranteed.

Yes. We do offer a short telephone conversation with a BMS (biomedical scientist) and/or medical doctor for the additional fee of £60. You can add this in the checkout window by clicking on BOOK APPOINTMENT